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Friday, 20 March 2009

WinInizio PenSuite 2.1

WinInizio PenSuite 2.1,merupakan kumpulan program dalam satu paket yg bisa anda miliki dengan gratis.untuk program seperti ini seperti biasa,hal yg harus anda lakukan adalah mengekstraknya,terserah mau ke dalam harddisk atau kedalam usb.karena program ini portable maka tidak diperlukan instalasi apapun. setelah dijalankan program ini akan menempatkan ikon di sistem tray, untuk membukanya cukup di klik saja,maka akan muncul pop up menu bar.Paket program ini berisi sekitar 80 program portable gratis yang sayang untuk dilewatkan
List program yang disertakan dalam paket ini:

· Abakt(backup tool)
· AbiWord Portable(word processor)
· Agent Ransack(powerful search software, allows researches even without knowing the file name)
· aMSN(instant messenger)

· ATnotes (post-it for PCs)
· Audacity (audio editor)
· Avant Browser(Internet Browser; a very good alternative to Internet Explorer)
· AviScreen classic(allows the capture of the desktop activity and saves it as an AVI file)
· AVISplit classic(AVI files splitter)
· BCM(visiting card creation)
· BootSafe(PC reboot)
· CCleaner(Removes useless files in Windows)
· CDCheck (checks CD/DVD media)
· CD-DA X-tractor (extracts traces from Audio CDs)
· ClamWin(antivirus)
· CodFree (calcultation of the Italian fiscal code)
· CombiMovie (video editing)
· Cpu-z (provides for information about the hardware, CPU, RAM, etc.)
· CSplayer(video player)
· CUE splitter(MP3 files splitter using CUE file)
· CurrProcess(shows the running processes: an alternative to Windows Task Manager)
· Cutter 4(files splitter)
· Dynamic Torrent Searcher(looks for torrent files � requires Net.Framework)
· DiskCleaner(Finds useless files and erases them � disk cleaning)
· Driverview(Shows the lists of the current drivers)
· DustBuster(disk cleaning � useless files erasure)
· DVD Identifier(software to identify DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW media)
· EasyCleaner(registry cleaning and system management)
· ESBcalc(scientific calculator)
· eMule (P2P)
· Eraser (safe erasure of files and folders, programmable)
· EssentialPM Free(organizer)
· Filezilla Portable (FTP client)
· Foxit PDF Reader (a very good alternative to Acrobat Reader)
· Free Commander(file manager)
· GSpot (supplies information about the codecs needed to reproduce multimedia files)
· HiJackThis! (a very good tool for the safety and malware removal)
· HTTP File Server (file server: web file swapping)
· iCarbon (to photocopy using the PC)
· ICEMirror (powerful utility for folder synchronization)
· IrfanView (powerful image viewer, may create slideshows)
· jv16 PowerTools (renowned suite of tools to clean and manage Windows' system and registry)
· KeePass (creates and maintains a database for our passwords � very useful for people having a lot of them to remember)
· Killsgrunt (anti-malware)
· LockNote(creates encrypted text files)
· Lupas rename 2000(fils lists renamer)
· Media Player Classic (a very good multi-format replacement for Windows Media Player)
· MozUp FireFox (Internet browser)
· MozUp Thunderbird (famous e-mail client)
· Mpck Mp3 Checker 0.05 (checks Mp3 files for errors)
· NotePad2 (advanced alternative to Windows' NotePad)
· nPop (mail monitor: checks e-mail boxes informing the user about new mail, allowing to write messages with using external clients)
· PixaMSN(instant messenger)
· PopTray (checks e-mail boxes informing the user about new mail)
· PosteRazor(posters creation in every size)
· PrivateDisk Light(data encryption through the creation of password protected virtual disks)
· ProduKey (shows the product key of the Windows XP's copy in use)
· RadioPlay(on-line radio)
· Restoration (restores erased files)
· RSSowl(RSS feed)
· Screamer Radio(Internet Radio Player)
· ShotGenius 2.0 (very practical screenshot capture)
· SIW 1.68 (supplies information about hardware and software replacing Everest Home edition)
· Split File(splitting and merging of files)
· Spread 32(spreadsheet)
· Startup Manager(management of programs in the start-up list)
· SuperPI (utility to calculate the SuperPI � useful for over-clockers who wants to analyze the system calculation speed)
· SwitchOff (switches on and off the PC at scheduled times)
· The Gimp 2.2.9 (image management and editing)
· Tomahawk (Word to Pdf conversion)
· TreeSize(supplies information about the size of every disk folder)
· USB Stick tester(test to write, read and check USB Pen Drives)
· uTorrent (BitTorrent client)
· VB Mp3 Player(audio player)
· VirtualDub 1.6.18 (video editing: also compresses in DivX)
· Wackget(download manager)
· WinMD5 (MD5 calculation)
· Winpooch(real time monitor of the operations made by the computer)
· zDC++ (P2P � client compatible with DirectConnect andDC++)
· ZipGenius 6 Portable(File compression)


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